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FOL Bag In A Box Case Erector

HPE NS Bag In A Box.
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Bag In a Box Case Erector

Contact us to learn more about our bag in a box case erector solution can work for your line.

Syrup Bag In a Box

Have a bag in a box case or carton that you need a case erector solution for? Contact us to learn more about our HPE NS Case Erector solution. 
Sets up and seals cases automatically
Easily accessible for servicing adjustments
Top and bottom flight lug drive 
Mechanical flap folding
Right-hand or left-hand controls available


See the Bag in a Box Case Erector set up and bottom seal cases below.
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We are here to help you find the best end of line packaging equipment to fit your needs. From case erectors and case sealers to product settlers and trayformers. To speak to a member of our team please use our contact form or call us today. 
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