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HPT-S Washdown Trayformer

Stainless steel washdown version of the MARQ HPT-S.
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HPT-S Stainless Washdown Version

This is stainless wash down version of the MARQ HPT-S is designed to handle wax coated deep trays..

HPT-S Stainless Washdown Features

The ergonomic loading system allows trays to be replenished with no overhead lifting. The HPT-S features a clean open design with access to the machine and glue head for easy cleaning. .
Frame is 3/16 steel construction
Corrosion Resistant Components
Designed for 24/7 operation 
Form trays from corrugated blanks
Trays feed automatically from single stack hopper
Glue sealing
Right-hand or left-hand controls available
Continuous feed operation - No need to stop the machine to load more tray blanks
Easy load - No overhead lifting

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Stainless High Performance Trayformer

Stainless washdown version of the MARQ HPT-S shown operating in the video. Watch the HPT-S form trays.

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