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Form bliss type cases.
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High Performance Bliss Former

The HPB was built with simplicity in mind and can run 24/7 in some of the harshest working environments.

HPB Bliss Former Features

The HPB features a top loading hopper (for the bliss cases), and two smaller magazines for the side panels. It uses a servo driven mandrel that has a vacuum cup on each side, for a precise pick up of the two side panels.

As the case is shuttled down from the top hopper, glue is applied as it enters the forming section. The mandrel picks up the side panels, before being pushed forward to form and discharge the case. This entire process, from start to finish, happens in a matter of seconds. This simplified process is one of the many reasons why the HPB can run 24/7 in some of the harshest operating environments..
Simple rugged design
Erects and bottom seals a wide range of cases
Easily adjustable 
Fully guarded design with 3/16" steel construction
Right or left hand controls available
Hand crank or motorized adjustments

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Watch the HPB Video

See the HPB form bliss cases by clicking on the video above.


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