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High Performance Vibrator Top and Bottom Case Sealer with flight bar drive in a 144" frame length.
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FB Product Settler 144/78 Details

This vibrator features an 78" vibrating platter and top spring loaded compression to settle the really tough products before the case is sealed top and bottom.

FB Product Settler Features

This "industry proven" vibration sealer is currently operating in frozen french fries, frozen bakery products, frozen chicken and fresh potatoes. Because the vibration technique reduces in-transit settling, corrugated costs can be reduced and the number of cases on a pallet can be increased.

Speed rated up to 20 cases per minute pending customers case sizes and type of product.
Heavy duty welded frame
Easily adjusted to different case sizes
Powder coated finish, optional stainless steel construction and Nema 4 / Nema 4X 
Right-hand or left-hand controls available
UL Approved panel.
Wiring conforms to NFPA Standard.
Top and Bottom Tape sealing (3M, Dekka, Bemis, etc.).
Includes standard polycarbonate guarding package.
Optional variable speed drive allows operator to increase / decrease time for vibrating platter.

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Watch the FB Product Settler Video

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