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HPE 220 Case Erector 

Perfect for space restricted areas. The HPE user friendly, easy to load and adjustable to many case sizes.
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HPE 220 Case Erector

The HPE 220 Case Erector is perfect for small spaces .

HPE 220 Features

Our HPE-220 is an ideal choice for use in space-restricted areas. This machine features an ergonomically-friendly continuous-feed stack hopper which is adjustable to accommodate several case sizes..
Sets up and seals cases automatically
Right-hand or left-hand controls available
Easily accessible for servicing adjustments 
Tape or glue sealing
Can run RSC, HSC, AFM, POL, BIB and FOL case styles
Top and bottom flight lug drive
Top and bottom vacuum erecting system
Mechanical flap folding

Download the PDF Datasheet



Watch the HPE 220 set up and seal cases.

Quick Easy Case Hand Determination

Hold knockdown case so that printing is readable. Location of length panel will determine hand of case.





  • I am extremely pleased with the purchase of our MARQ High Performance Case Erector. When we decided to increase our productivity and add a new line, we looked at several options. MARQ Packaging was the obvious choice.


  • The sales and service personnel at MARQ have been very professional and helpful in meeting our specifications and putting [our] machine into service. I look forward to doing business with MARQ Packaging should I have any future automation needs..

    CHRIS L.

    Wada-VanOrden Potatoes
  • MARQ Packaging has a reputation for building rugged ready to run equipment that meets all the day-to-day activity required in our facility. The setup and service of the equipment is excellent and the availability to meet our time lines was unprecedented. I would recommend a MARQ machine to anyone

    Brice H, John I. Haas

  • We were in need of a random case sealer to increase uptime and seal every box consistently, and the MARQ Random Case Sealer was the ultimate product choice. As a matter of fact, we have since purchased a second machine to keep up with our factory expansion.

    JIM S.

    Swisher International
  • The experience I have with MARQ doesn't stop with just delivery of the machine. They've had excellent support since day one, even with the issue of east coast versus west coast. MARQ has been very supportive, but happy to say rarely needed!.

    Garrett D.

    Maidstone Coffee
  • The MARQ Case Erector has given us the ability to achieve our goals in reducing labor costs while increasing production from 1,700 to 2,400 boxes per day. With the decrease in costs and increase in profits, the payback on this machine is well worth the investment..

    JOHN S.

    Boise Cascade Corporation

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