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ET Series 

Rugged, sanitary, automatic sealer. Reliable tape sealing for a wide variety of applications.
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The ET Series Case Sealer

Automatic case sealing 24/7.

Seal cases automatically.

The sanitary design of the ET Series case sealer features an easily adjustable hand crank system that utilizes easy to read ruler scales for precise adjustments. 

The drive system encompasses the box in a case friendly 2" spring-loaded side belt drive that transfers the case through flap folders, where the minor and major flaps are folded and plowed. 

As cases exit the folding section they are sent through the tape heads where each case is sealed with either 2" or 3" tape, depending on application.
Heavy duty construction
Interlocked safety design
UL approved main control enclosure 
Single point air / electrical hook up
Wiring practices conform to NFPA standards
Powder Coated Finish
Positive Hand Crank Adjustment
Sanitary Design
Spring loaded side-belt drive
Quick changeover
Fully guarded

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Watch the ET Series In Action

See the ET series automatically top seal cases with tape.


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